The Royal Canadian Army Cadet (RCAC) Expedition Program

The Army Cadet's Ultimate Challenge

What it is About

Each year, The Army Cadet League of Canada and the Department of National Defense co-sponsor the Army Cadet Expeditions, a challenging adventure for the top Army Cadets in Canada. Thirty-two young men and women are chosen to participate on this "Army Cadet Ultimate Challenge", on either the International Expedition team or the National Expedition team (16 cadets for each Expedition). These remarkable young Canadians have worked extremely hard in the past four to six years since they have joined the Army Cadet program. They are young, intelligent, and athletic and have been chosen to take part in these adventures having demonstrated strong leadership skills, and all the great qualities that are required to take on such challenges. The Army Cadet Program has given them an opportunity to develop a passion for outdoor adventure.

Since 2000, cadets have travelled to Morocco, Australia, Iceland, the Republic of Korea, the United States, Costa Rico, France, Switzerland, Northern Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Nepal and the US, include Alaska. The program also allows the exploration of Canadian terrain too where cadets have conducted expeditions to the Rockies, Jasper, Yellowknife, Seven Summits, the Nahani River, they also participated in a unique "urban" trek using the old water routes from Toronto to Ottawa, and most recently to Churchill, Manitoba.

Expedition training is the application of learned skills and leadership roles in a demanding environment. Outdoor challenge teaches and encourages safety, a healthy lifestyle and environmental stewardship, the basic themes of Army Cadet training. Both individually and as a group, cadets undergo challenges throughout the Expedition experience, where they improve their decision-making and problem solving skills, team building, co-operation, communication, tolerance, resourcefulness skills and learn important time management aptitudes.

Army Cadet Expedition is the premier Army Cadet activity. It challenges the best Army Cadets in Canada to push their mental and physical limits. This travel experience forces cadets to put into practice the self-reliance, leadership, and spirit of adventure they have learned at their local cadet corps. It magnifies their sense of what it is to be a Canadian!

How the Army Cadet League of Canada is involved & why we need your support.

The Army Cadet League supports the participating cadets by providing the extras that add to the excitement of the trip. We add to the funds committed by the Department of National Defence. A fundraising campaign is conducted every year to provide additional high-end equipment specific to the destination and the activity. All of the funds raised yearly are applied towards this activity to ensure that the cadets will have a first class experience and demonstrates to the country or Canadian region visited that we in Canada, support our youth in a meaningful way. Many donors have contributed in supporting many successful expeditions in the past 10 years. Their contributions have helped establish this as a premier Army Cadet activity.

If you are interested in becoming a donor and supporting this activity you may access further information on our donation procedures by viewing this link: . If you are not currently a donor and would like to be added to our donation database and receive the yearly correspondence, please provide us with your contact information by sending it to The cadets appreciate your support.

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"As the Maple, so the Sapling"

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